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How do I update content of full pages?

  1. Under the Custom Pages menu, select the page you want to update [Update]

  2. Enter the information for your page (you don't have to complete all the fields). 

  3. The Message field works similar to a word processor - You can type in text, make text bold, add headings, create lists, add pictures, etc.  Whatever appears in the "word processor" window is what will appear on the "public" web page.  It is advisable not to make too many changes to the fonts so as to maintain the styling that has been set for your website. See tips below for more info.

  4. Click to submit (your page will now be updated on the website) 


  1. As far as possible, avoid using different font types in your text.
  2. 1.0em is the standard font size set for your website. Always use this for most of your text.
  3. For page or paragraph headings, use one of the heading styles from the Format menu, normally H2, H3 or H4 depending on the position on the page / importance of the heading.
  4. If at all possible, avoid pasting text from Microsoft Word or similar - this usually contains a large amount of non-standard text styling that can break the display of your website.  Rather paste into the webpage as plain text, then reformat in the web editor. (see here for more info     
  5. When adding images to your page, always resize them using a suitable image editor before uploading, or use the Resize and Upload Images tool on your Admin Panel. (see here for more info  


  1. You can't delete complete pages from the Admin Panel - please contact us for this. 

  2. The Page Title is the heading that appears at the top of the page on the website.
  3. The Title for Admin Index is the name that appears in the list on the Admin Panel - you can enter something here that makes it easy to identify the page in the list. 

  4. META Description and META Keywords are tools that help search engines find your pages. 

[Last updated 21st September 2018]

Date Added: 2008-09-04
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