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How do I manage my Guestbook entries?

When someone submits an entry to your Guestbook, it appears in the Active Modules section of your admin panel (Guestbook ..... x to validate].

  1. Click on the validate link
  2. Choose update from the list that appears
  3. Edit the entry if applicable
  4. Check the Display box
  5. Click to Submit - the entry will then appear on the public Guestbook page.

Or if it is an unwanted entry, simply delete from the list, The validate list also gives you the option to delete multiple entries at the same time if required.

You can unfortunately expect to receive a large number of spam submissions, many of which will appear to be making complimentary comments account your site but which closer examination should show are computer-generated rubbish.

Our Guestbook system includes filters that will remove potentially harmful code from spam submissions and we are looking at ways to further reduce the problem.

Date Added: 2011-06-23
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