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My new website is ready - how do I start to update it myself?

(In the examples below, replace 'your-domain.co.za' with the name of your registered domain with us)

Your website is now ready for your input and can go 'live' to the public any time you are ready.

To add or update website content, go to http://www.your-domain.co.za/admin/

  Username (all lowercase) :
  Password :

With our Content Management System, any changes you make to the website will be immediately visible once you click the "Click to submit" button.

You will see that your admin panel is divided into two sections, Custom Pages and Active Modules.

Custom Pages (left hand column)

With these pages, you edit the page directly, exactly as it appears in the centre "content" area of your website.

Help article: How do I update content of full pages?

Active Modules (right hand column)

This column will display a number of modules as per your specification (eg Events, News, Photo Gallery, Links, etc).  

In this case you do not edit the page directly.  Instead, entries to a module are made one by one, and your system will then automatically construct the page your visitors will see.

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