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Using Filezilla for uploading files

1)  If not already installed, download Filezilla (free download) and install.

2) Run Filezilla

3) If the account already exists, select it from File > Site Manager <Connect> on the toolbar, or from the drop down menu next to Quickconnect, then proceed to step 4. 
To set up a new account in Filezilla, you will need the following information (you can get these from support).

4) Make sure you are connected to the Internet, then click <Apply>. 

5) Once connected to the server, you will see the folder structure for YOUR pc in the left hand pane, and files on the webserver in the right hand pane.  Navigate to where your files are located on your system, and to the correct folder on the server.

6) To upload file/s, select them in the left (local) pane, then drag them to the right pane.  You can also select entire folders.

7) The file/s will then be uploaded to the server.  This could take anything from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the size of the file/s and the speed of your connection.  If a file already exists, you will be prompted whether you want to overwrite the old version.

8) The bottom pane will indicate the status of the transfer.  Once complete, click Server> Disconnect from the toolbar and exit Filezilla.


a)  Please make sure your filenames are all lowercase, and do not contain any spaces or any other symbols (ie letter and numbers ONLY).  To give the appearance of a space in the filename, you may use an underscore _ or hyphen -.

b)  Standard Folder / File Types:

(If the file type you wish to upload is not in this list, please contact support to create the correct folder for you.)

Date Added: 2008-06-03
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