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How do I add pictures to my page?

NB: For new responsive (mobile friendly) sites, please see this help article instead:

1)  Note: When uploading pictures through the Edit Window, it is necessary to resize the picture first.  You probably want to resize to a width of between 180 and 450 pixels, but definitely no bigger than 850 pixels.  Use PixResizer or your normal graphics editor to do this.

2)  On the Admin Panel, under Custom Pages click on pagename  [Update]

3)  Position the cursor on the page at the place you want the picture to appear (you can adjust this later if required).

4)  Click on the Insert Image icon.  An Image Properties popup window will open. (You may be prompted enable popup windows in your brower).

5) Click Browse Server.  A Resources Browser popup window will open.



6)  Select destination folder (usually images).

7)  At the bottom of the window you will see Upload a new file in this folder.  Click the Browse button.

8)  Find the photo you want to upload on your local system, then click Open.

9)  Click the Upload button in the bottom right corner. Image will take a while to upload, then the image filename will appear in the list in the main window once uploaded.


10)  Click on the image filename in the list.  The Resources Browser window will close and the image location will be displayed in the URL field of the Image Properties Window.

11)  Set any of the following values if required:
        a) Alternative Text (text that will display when you mouse over the image on the page)

        b) Border (To set a border around the picture - set to 0 unless you specificallly require a border)
        c) HSpace (padding to the left and right of the picture - a value of 5 - 8 normally works well)
        d) VSpace (padding above and below the picture - a value of 3 - 5 normally works well)
        e) Align (if you leave blank, text will appear above and below the picture on the page,
left or right to wrap text around the picture)

12)  Click OK.  The Image Properties window will close and the picture will display on the page in the Edit Window.

13)  If you need to adjust any of the above settings, right click over the picture and choose Image Properties.  You can also re-position or resize the image in the Edit Window by dragging.

14) Click on the Click to Submit button to save your changes to the page.

Date Added: 2008-09-04
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