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Adding Photo Albums and Photos

A Photo Album is a collection of Photos about a particular topic or theme.  It is therefore necessary to first create a new Album,  then upload your photos to the Album.

Do not
upload the photos themselves directly from the Albums module - use the Photos: Add option for this.  With this module, it is not necessary to acccurately size the photos beforehand as the web server will automatically create a thumbnail of your photo, as well as generate a suitable enlarged image. (See notes below for restrictions)


  • On your Admin Panel, click on Photo Albums :  Add

  • Enter a Name for the Album (This is the heading for then Album that will display to the public).

  • Enter a Category for the Album (optional) - If you have several Albums they will be grouped on the page according to this.

  • Enter a Description (optional).  This is an introduction to the Album that will also display in the public area.

  • <Click to Submit> to save the Album and return to the Admin Panel


  • On your Admin Panel, click on Photos :  Add

  • The drop-down menu will show all Albums created.  Select the Album required from the menu where you want this photo to display.

  • Enter a Caption for the photo (optional).
  • Click the <Browse> button to open an explorer window for your local files. 

  • Once you have located the file you want, click <Click to submit>.

  • The photo will upload to the webserver.  This may take a few minutes depending on the size of your image file, and your internet connection speed.  

  • Once complete, the page will refresh and you will see a message "Your photo ........ has been added" and a thumbnail image of the photo. 

  • Add another photo, or exit to the Admin Panel.


  1. This module only works with jpg / jpeg image files.

  2. For practical reasons, resize your original photos so that your original is smaller the 1Mb in filesize.  This will help prevent server errors, and also cut down the time taken to upload photos.  You can use a program like Pix Resizer to batch reduce all photos in a folder. (free download here).
  3. Naming your files:
    • Give your images simple filenames.  Do not use other characters (eg ? % ) in the name. 

    • Wherever possible, avoid leaving blank spaces in filenames.  Rather use an underscore  _ 

    • Remember our Linux web servers (unlike Windows)  are case sensitive.  Myfilename is not the same as myfilename is not the same as MYFILENAME.  We suggest you use only lowercase names wherever possible to help prevent confusion.

Date Added: 2008-06-20
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