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Some helpful information about working with images and photos


  • When uploading pictures, always resize them to the size you want BEFORE uploading.  This means the files will be much smaller, and your pages will load (display) much  faster. 

    ** This point does not apply if you are using the Photo/Photo Gallery or Product Modules - in that case refer here **

  • Normal size of images displayed would be width between 100 and 850 pixels, filesize between 5 and 100Kb.
  • With jpg images, set the compression amount to a suitable value to help reduce the file size.  The amount of compression you use will vary from image to image, but the range of 75 to 95% image quality normally gives good results.
  • If you don't have suitable image editing software, you can download Irfanview (excellent program for resizing or converting images with basic editing capabilities) or Pix Resizer (for bulk resizing images in a folder).  Both these programs are free to use, and are small downloads.


  • Only use jpg, gif or png format for images, not bmp and so on. 
  • jpg (full colour range) is normally best for photos or images with a lot of colours and detail.

  • png  is suitable for line art, or images with large areas of the same colours.

  • gif (maximum 256 colours) is suitable for line art, or images with large areas of a limited range of colours.

  • If you need transparency in your images, use gif or png.


  • Give your images simple filenames.  Do not use other characters (eg ? % ) in the name. 

  • Wherever possible, avoid leaving blank spaces in filenames.  Rather use an underscore  _

  • Remember our Linux web servers (unlike Windows)  are case sensitive.  Myfilename is not the same as myfilename is not the same as MYFILENAME.  We suggest you use only lowercase names wherever possible to help prevent confusion.


Adding Photo Galleries and Photos 

How do I add pictures to my page?

Date Added: 2008-09-17
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